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Every driver hides a story…

marzo 9, 2010

Yesterday Emmanuel couldn’t pick me up at the B&B. He had a serious problem going on : his girlfriend from Zimbabwe had been arrested by the police because she didnt’ have along with her the ASLAM, the permission to work. So he rushed home to grab it but was too late: she had been moved to another location and jailed for the night. nothing could be done except waiting for the day after…(Today he told me she was released and ok..spent all night schmoozing with other “comrades” in jail!! just to kill the time!!!)

In the meanwhile I had to reach Mrs Gordimer place with some other taxi.

(Every driver hides a story you must listen to). While chatting with him on the movie I watched the night before, I found out he lived in Soweto back in that days (actually still lives there) . Themba was 18 yrs old in 1976 and participated to the revolt.

(Just ask). I asked him if some of his beloved had been killed “Plenty of friends and many other disappeared”. After 34 yrs all the families involved, Themba said, “have lost hope in finding them again many disappeared out of the blue and we don’t know if they were tortured by the police or just fled persecution”. 2011 will mark the 35th anniversary of the uprising: will you remember in some way Soweto? “probably …but frankly I(’d rather forget”.

taxi driver in Jo'Burg

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