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Tomorrow is another day..

marzo 22, 2010

From the Economist

How to handle Bibi?

Since becoming prime minister for a second time in 2009, Mr Netanyahu has struggled to befriend Mr Obama and enlist his help against Iran while presiding over a coalition dominated by ultranationalist and religious parties. One school of thought holds that Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton escalated their reaction in order to make Mr Netanyahu abandon his rightist allies and tread the American path to peace. Some even say the president was waiting for a chance to destabilise him and force his replacement by a more pliant Israeli leader. But a rival theory is that there is no plan: Ramat Shlomo simply ignited the rage that has smouldered in Mr Obama’s breast since Mr Netanyahu refused his call last year for a total freeze on settlement and forced Mr Mitchell to waste nearly a year niggling for a temporary compromise.

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